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US Space Endurance Champ Meditates

Record-Breaking astronaut Mark Vande Hei said that one of the key lessons he learned from spending so much time in space was the need to deal with his mental health, advice he would offer to future astronauts regardless if they were living on the space station or heading out into the solar system.

"I felt better on this spaceflight, the longer one, than the previous one because I really did put a lot of work into the conversations, I would have with myself, my own internal voice. That helped a lot," he said.

"I was much better [on this flight] about carving out time to meditate," Vande Hei added. "I think that really helped me be more aware of how I was reacting to things and sometimes to just recognize that and decide to see things differently."

My take from what Mark Vande Hei shared, is that meditating has helped him with the following:
- More awareness/focus
- Responding not reacting
- better handling of mental stress

For more on the interview click link here
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